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Positives: It is a brand new RV Park with: a hot tub, laundry, bathrooms, two gas grills under a covered picnic area with multiple picnic tables. They are finishing the process of fencing in the park. You have to use a gate key to enter the park because each entrance exit is controlled. A security guard drives around the park 24/7 in a truck. You have access to a clean gas station right next to the park. There is a bus stop right next to the park. They obviously have a casino, hotel, golf course, and many restaurants. Close access to anything in Tucson. The lots are wide and long.

Negatives: They have no clue how to manage a park and they do not treat RVers like we should be treated. They utilize a reservation service. However, once you arrive you have to deal with gas station attendants who are about as helpful as a the person cooking fries at McDonald’s. We stayed for a month and wanted to extend our stay a few more days. My wife and I had no problem if we needed to move to a different site.

They would not give us the site for those extra days at the monthly rate and were going to charge us the daily rate. We still had two more days before the end of our stay. First, the gas station attendant agreed it was a reasonable request. However, she had no clue how to process the computer work. I had to sit and wait for her between dealing with people in line to get gas. She actually made me call the reservation service. Next, the reservation service had no clue how to do it and I was put on hold. I was then told I would have to pay the daily rate because their computer system did not allow this. I was given the supervisor at the reservation service who put me on hold again and then forcefully tried to state this was their position and I could pay it or go elsewhere.

Now, I have time invested in this and have been treated horribly. The supervisor realized how upset I was and asked if I wanted to speak with her supervisor. Which, upset me even more because I have now invested an hour in this whole thing and am not even speaking with the supervisor yet. I hung up after saying that we would instead go to a different park.

The manager of the RV park was never seen anywhere. I had to go to the hotel to find out who the supervisor of the RV manager was so that I could leave a complaint. I received a call the next day by someone who who told me she would see to my complaint. Then we got an electronic bill for the extra days we originally wanted to stay, but never finished because their customer service was horrible. Now my blood is boiling. I called the reservation service and demanded that they not charge my card as I had talked about with the supervisor of the RV park manager. Her response was that she would print out the information and give it to her boss.

Sure enough, we were charged on our credit card. I called and demanded an answer for this by the end of the day. She promised to get back to me. Two hours later, I went to the gas station (one hour before the close of business) and found out that person I was talking to had gone home for the night. No one had a clue what I was talking about. I went back to the hotel and demanded to speak with a supervisor and have this corrected. I was told I could speak with someone the next day.

At this point I asked the hotel supervisor if she thought I was being treated properly. I asked to sit in the lobby until treated properly. I said she could kick me out, but that I was not going anywhere until this was resolved properly. Two hours later, they called the police and asked for me to be removed. The police agreed that I had not done anything wrong. I even told the police that I told the hotel supervisor that I would leave once they kicked me out, but that I was staying there until someone corrected this.

Is it a good park? I hope they actually correct their problems. However, they need to have a person of hospitality greeting RVers and handling requests. The current RV manager was never seen over the entire month and failed miserably.
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